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150% Edge

Sooooo I took a look at the normal FT Edge and it looked real cool! By coincidence, I had just lost a P-51 that I got from a swap meet when my receiver lost connection. So I was left with a big motor and the desire for an FT Edge. So bam! Scaled the plans up 150% then worked on and off until it was done. (And no I am not using 9 grams, picked up some standard size servos at a later swap meet) The maiden went well except for the fact that I forgot to dial in some expo, and also that the hatch flew off on takeoff because I thought the tight fit would be enough. Surprisingly, the plane also flies quite slow. I know that the scale of it will distort my sense of speed but still, such a nice flier. It is a little bit nose-heavy, but once I swap out the metal spinner with a plastic one it should be much more neutral balance. I am also going to add VG's to it as well because I want to be dragging my tail on the runway. :p Anyways, enjoy my dad's meh camerawork and a quite slow FT Edge! (This video is the second flight BTW, also if you guys wouldn't mind could you tell me where the hatch flies off? The hatch was held on with tape but that still wasn't enough and I want to show it to my friends :ROFLMAO:)