150% Modded Pietenpol


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Woo-hoo! This puppy is finally finished. Got the wing glued on today, Rx bound, transmitter programmed and control rods fine tuned. Flaps were being a major pain in the posterior. Transmitter kept resetting my AUX switch settings. Though I won in the end lol.
Discovered my failsafe was set to the wrong channel too. Thank goodness I've never had a LOS issue yet or things could have been bad. Was set for channel 1 rather than 3 that the throttle is on.
She weighs 792g without the battery, that is looking like a 1800 to 2200mah 3s or possibly 4s. 1500mah I have is too light to get it to balance. So AUW I'm expecting to be around 970g. That's quite a bit over my 800g upper target. Ah well, throw the slim fast at v2😂 and I find I like them a little heavier anyways.
Not sure about the 9" propeller. It looks a little anemic compared to the rest of the air frame. 10" spare will be needed just incase.
The brace I made for the wing worked great for glueing the cabines in. Loads more meat for the epoxy to grab onto and more surface area for support too.
My Mobius cam hasn't arrived yet and weather is not looking good at all. Think it may be a while before I get to maiden this one. Though I can't wait. Really want to see how it flies. I'm hoping the flaps will really help with the landings.
Looks GREAT!! 👋👋👋👋👋
Always love larger Birds, and the Pete scales up nicely!