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2.4Ghz FPV setups

I am just getting into FPV and I have a 2.4Ghz radio, I jumped on the band wagon and purchased the DX7 shortly after it came out. I am now looking at getting into FPV and I don't want to give up the freedom of going to nearby parks and being able to fly. I have noticed in the flite test videos that you normally use the DX8 to fly and David uses 2.4 Ghz radio as well with 1.3Ghz video transmitter. So I naturally decide to purchase 1.3Ghz fpv system from BEVRC (1.3Ghz 400mW). I have been having some issues with my receiver locking out.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that say that it is just plain bad juju to use 2.4Ghz with FPV, but lets please keep this to setups that you have used and know work with 2.4Ghz radios.

So my question to the community is: what setups are you using with your 2.4Ghz radios?

Please provide the following:
RC Transmitter
RC Receiver
Video transmitter
Video Receiver
Low Pass Filter (yes/no)
Antennas being used
ranges that you have gone to


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Be cautious. I think 1.3GHz is not legal in the USA. (if you are there). But only 2.4 video systems don't work with 2.4 radio systems. You'd be left with 900MHz and 5.8GHz.
Thank you for the posts, the intent of this thread is for people to post setups that they are using with 2.4Ghz rc transmitters... I suppose 5.8 will work but what are you running? Please post link to your setup or tell about it.

Your videos look good!
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Lots of info on here and other sites. Ultimately, you will have to make your own decision on what is best for you and your intended end use.
I use a Spektrum Dx6i 2.4 system and opted for a 200 mW 5.8 FPV.
Couple of caveats, though.
-I fly in an area that is relatively free of rf interference (closest cell tower is twenty kms away).
-I am new to this and didn't want to invest huge $ on my experiment.

Check out my build blog.

Couple things that I have gleamed from my own research...
-Don't use a FPV system that is a lower frequency than your radio. I don't know how the flitetest guys are doing their setup, but I suspect low pass filters are used.
-You don't need higher power, you need good antennas. Higher power does not equate in longer distances per se. It means more power consumption and the need for either shorter flights or bigger batteries and more heat issues.
- lower frequencies gets you longer effective range and high frequencies gives you better quality.
-not much point in going past what your radio is capable of transmitting.

What is the real range that your 2.4 can go with absolute confidence?

My system works well and I have had no lock outs. BUT, I have not taken my plane out of visual sight so I am unsure what kind of real distance I can get. So far that means LOS to about 3/4 of a kilometre.

Hope this helps.
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Another option to consider is a 433mhz UHF transmitter that piggybacks your DX7. I have both Rangelink and Chainlink that work with my 10C and 9X. These use the trainer port and work really well.

I fly with 2.4ghz video and haven't had any issues.