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250mm Quad build help


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I'm looking to build a 250mm quadcopter. I found a chassis I like but it has nothing with it. I'm just curious what exactly i need to get to get it up and running? Thinking of getting 2300KV brushless motors (they come with esc and props)
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Dig around and read peoples build logs of their 250 size quads.

This is mine, I took the unconventional approach and used bullet connectors for everything. I will probably switch to all soldered connections when I rebuild it after learning to fly acro mode by line of sight.


massiverc.com also has some nice bundles. I recommend using a nase32 with cleanflight. It is so user friendly.



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230 kv motors? That must be some really big props. :)

Do you want me to move this to the multirotor section? There might be a few more experts in there that don't look through the plans section.