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2nd scratch build finished, Old Timer ready


New member
This is my second build, but my first plane ready for flight. I balanced it tonight after installing all the gear. Surprisingly it is pretty spot on level. Hopefully it will be as true in the air as it is balancing on pencils :) The maiden flight will be for both the plane and myself. Should be interesting to say the least. I do have one question, is there any problem having the battery (2s 7.4v) in the swappable pod with the ESC and rx? Thanks to those who assisted directly, and those who helped by posting their knowledge. Of course thanks to the whole FT crew who made this possible.



Looks good. There is no problem with putting the battery into the power pod, as long as you position it correctly for the cg. I have heard that there can be an issue if the rx and esc are close.