3... 2... 1... Let's Jam! - Swordfish II Entry into the 2019 Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge


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Hello Everyone!

I'm throwing my hat into the ring for my first design/build contest!
In fact, this is going to be the first plane I design from scratch myself... So, that said... ANY and ALL help/suggestions ("Hey idiot, your doing ___ Wrong!!") Are welcome.

Here's my design choice.
While Robotech (Macross) was my first introduction to Anime, wait, does the old Speed Racer (or Battle of the Planets) count? :unsure:... Anyway...
Cowboy BeBop has to be my favorite of all time. One of the stars of the show is Spikes' ride the Swordfish II

There's just something about the design that speaks to me... (Oh, and it's RED, Red makes it go faster!)

While I'm by no means an aeronautical engineer, I do recognize there are going to be challenges getting this design to fly.
Right up front I'm admitting I will probably have to increase the chord and maybe the span of the wings to keep down the wing loading...
At first I was against thrust vectoring... but after some inital layouts, I think that's just going to be part of the design...

So, wish me luck. Follow along and help out if you can!
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Awesome!! Welcome aboard! :D

And yeah, I remember being seriously hooked on the Robotech book series back in the day too (y)


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Interesting design. It looks cool. If you make the gun able to shoot something it would be really cool. Good Luck and Have FUN!


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First off, I hate you; I immediately got the Bebop theme song stuck in my head. I can't wait to see how you do this. I'll be following your build with great interest.


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Pretty productive weekend (now that I gave up on the GeeBee) so, here's an update.

Think I have the basic form down now. Here's a pic of the mockup (thought I could do basic glide/CG tests.)
IMG_7281[1].JPG IMG_7282[1].JPG

3D printed the thrust ring
Great news; I got my printer to print 1 line prints (I'll need that for the 3D Labprint stuff...)
Not so great news; 1 line prints in pla aren't really stiff enough for something having a prop swing by it at 2k rpm.)

Still needs to be done; Almost everything really... Think I'm going with thrust vectoring for elevator control (Will 3D design/print that.)

That's all for now.


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You know, maybe... I was looking into them last night. What are your thoughts on them?..

In fact (to anyone else reading this) chime in. This IS my first real design from scratch for me so I am all ears when it comes to suggestions.
I was thinking a typical FT airfoil, but for the mockup I had a color wrong and the laser decided to separate the two wing haves (Happy accident maybe?)


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I prefer the FT style fold-over foil, it think they are worth the extra time and weight - but thats more personal preference for me. But for the mockups, the KFM should be fine. I only asked because I noticed two layers in the front and one in the back.

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Wake up! Time to fly!
Way to repurpose camber adjustment rods from rc cars / trucks.

Nice anodising on them too. May have to pick your brain for your source if / when I get back around to franken truck repairs.


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May have to pick your brain for your source if / when I get back around to franken truck repairs.
Of course, I shop mainly Aliexpress for most of my RC gear... it can be a crap shoot at times... This order took nearly a month and a half to arrive.... BUT... it was $2.54 for the pair... so...

I kind of guessed what length I would need/want. I'm going to design and 3D print the motor mount in a pull pull configuration (I fully expect this design to be crazy pitch happy....)


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I can see this doing 360 vertical flips spontaneously, I think this might be one of the better sport flyers.


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Sport as in a quirky Ft Goblin. As for the flips, I think that will depend upon the design stability.