1. Drizzel

    Help! a different quad frame

    Alright, I know that the title doesn't sum up my question very well, but it had to be short. I want to design a custom quad frame, and I do have the necessary experience with CAD software (I'm using Altair Inspire, for anyone interested). I would like to know if anyone has or knows about some...
  2. Wingman04

    Wanted: Compy 300 Heli Frame

    Does anyone have a good condition Compy 300 frame up for sale? Mine has a very large crack at the boom mount and needs replaced before the next flight. ONLY the frame. I have everything else needed to fix it. All offers welcome.
  3. C

    Would literally go nutz for an Alien frame. (READ)

    Hello everyone, my name is Cameron. I'm 20 years old, and addicted to FPV. Here's how it all happened. I was just watching YouTube as always, and I stumbled across a Mr Steele video in my reccomended. I used to be addicted to all things R/C when I was younger but kindof fell out of it. The...
  4. R

    I can give out a few frames!!!

    Check out the Spidey at!! It is meant for a super light sub 240g race quad. Let me know if you are interested!
  5. F

    Total noob. Help me!!?

    I'm pretty new at building. I fried my brand new Holybro Kakute FC because I'm using a horrible soldering iron and no flux. My motors are are trash too. I just gave them to a friend. Botgrinder has been giving me advice and helping me with betaflight but I can't keep my quad in the air because...
  6. kpixels

    450 Quadcopter Frame From PolyFlex Pressure Pipe

    This $4 frame has no screws, is very rigid and weighs less than the flamewheel. The ESCs are inside the 1" arms/tubes which is more durable and reduces the drag. Illuminati flight controller with on screen display, Xiaomi Yi camera, 600 mw video transmitter, 2212/920 KV motors, SimonK 30 amp...
  7. T

    Could I get some motors and esc’s to finish a build

    I was wondering if anyone had some old emax red bottoms laying around that I could use (2300kv version). And some emax 30 amp bullet bl-heli esc’s to finish a build (they are the last things I need). I ordered a bundle like this off of gear best and it has been 7 weeks and I’m starting to think...
  8. S

    need advice on selecting motors, frame and battery

    hi everyone , I am new to this forum and need advice on selecting the best (efficient) motors for a small payload lifting quad-copter, payload is from 400-500 gm, here's what I selected as a newbie Emax RC2205S with ESCs PixHawk flight contoller foxeer FPV camera 1.3GHz VTx (haven't selected...
  9. J

    Budget fpv

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a budget 5" frame that will last and is in the $40-$60 range. The electronics I'm going to use are a betaflight f4, iflight 2207 2700kv motors, iflight 30a escs, runcam swift 2, and a wolfwhoop vtx but I haven't decided on a frame. Drop a suggestion below...
  10. M

    330 flamewheel with landing gear needs motors and esc's.

    Hey everyone, I need some recommendations for the motors and Esc's to put on my new 330mm flamewheel frame with landing gear. I've only used 2205 2300kv motors in the past on my 220 and 280 quad and they work very well. I just wonder if they would provide enough lift for this model. it seems...
  11. Mastrmindz

    SBA Spartan 210 X HD

    Hey everyone. The new Spartan miniquad frame looks pretty sweet. I was going through the options on the product in the Flite Test store and was wondering about the setup. What would be the best combination for this frame? I am planning on buying a pair of Fatshark Transformer goggles along...
  12. D

    HELP--Racing Quad Build

    Hi all, First off I put a poll up to help decide what size frame to get. I'm looking to possibly build a mini racer, but I'm not sure what components to get. Preferably, I would like one that is around 100mm, and durable so when I crash there is a less chance of breaking things. :) I might...
  13. R

    Making a new race frame using my CNC machine

    The last couple of months I was working on a new frame design. I wanted to make a very light and yet a very strong frame! The whole frame is made out of 4 mm carbon fiber and weights only 90 grams! Watch this video to see how the frame comes to life!
  14. R

    Tricopter frame style

    Hi everyone. I'm building a tricopter, it's really to see if I'm wanting to buy a rexplorer v4 frame, since I have had nothing to do with tricopters yet. I've built some of the rear tilt mechanism, just needs some shaping and bits and pieces before that's done, linkages, standoffs between...
  15. A

    How do you choose your frame?

    As a beginner who just start flying the drone, I do want to know how you guys choose the frame, I mean for the racing drone. Could you please give me some advice please? What size? The lighter the better? Other elements need to be considered? Thanks for answering!!!!
  16. M

    New Tricopter/Y6 design

    Hello all I thought I would throw in my hand at designing a folding hexacopter. I haven't created the motor mounts yet, but this is a pretty rough draft. Top plate includes 45mm FC mount, standoff mounts, wire management and vent hole. Bottom plate has battery strap mounts, and will have a...
  17. Robbie

    Good 300ish Frames with Carbon Tube arms?

    Hey guys, I am in the market for a new 300 frame and the mxp300 is a possible option, but i really want carbon tube arms for the extra efficiency, strength and it makes turning the motors 10 degrees easier. I have thought about retrofitting either of the Mamba frames but i was wondering if...
  18. fsmultirotors

    Made In USA Aluminum Quadcopter Frames

    The video above is a comparison between our aluminum frame and a G10 counter part. It tests things like strength, weight, and overall durability. The idea came about after we got tired of buying knockoff G10 frames online, each time we crashed hard we pretty much needed a new frame. So I had an...
  19. R

    Quadcopter Frame

    So i'm making my second scratch built quadcopter, and to make it stand out and look different I angled the two back legs (its a X config) 100 degrees from each other and the two front the usual 90 from each other, can someone please help me as i'm having second thoughts about how the angle...
  20. Robbie

    QAV 250 VS MXP230 VS Blackout H 250 VS Strider Mini 250

    Hey Guys, I am thinking of buying a legitimate frame after my cheap carbon 280 EMAX frame, personally I like the the Strider because of the in built OSD but i also know that the QAV and Blackout fly really well, whats your opinion? QAV 250