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5.8G 200mw Wireless audio video transmitter + Video AV Receiver module for FPV ???

Hey guys.
I'm looking into doing a bit of aerial photography with my tricopter and I need a simple fpv setup to help in pointing the camera in the right place. I'm not looking to break distance records. All I need is about 200m of solid video.
I'll be using the usual CP antennas and display the video feed on a laptop or some kind of monitor.

I came across these cheap tx/rx modules and was wondering if anyone has used them and if they will be ok for what I need.
Ebay number 261022966443

Obviously I'll need some sort of voltage regulator and filters and also a heasink for the 2 modules

What are your thoughts?


Prop Killer
I have the same tx and rx in my quad . im working on getting more range . but for now im getting 250m in an open area with a helical . i believe my limitation is due to the antenna placement so i have moved it but haven't tested it yet .
you will be needing a 3.3v regulator for your tx and a 5v for your rx . both are available from hk .

here is my range test vid

Thanks for that.
Is that video recorded at the ground station? If so, then its perfect for what i need. 250m is more than enough. Any idea what its like in a noisy environment?
Did you have the helical pointed at the quad, or straight up?
Am I right in thinking I need linear voltage regulators and not switching regulators? I have an electronics shop near me where I can get these from.


Prop Killer
no that was recorded on the camera .
i have used it in a noisy environment but the range gets alot worse.
the helical was pointed at the quad . you can see the helical at www.jamiedco.com
you can use a switching like i do but you will need to add ferrite rings and cap to remove noise . especial with the multi rotor
for a simple filter see rcexplorer.se
Yea, I did see David's filter. That's what I was going to use.
I'll try both the helical and clover/skew antennas to see what works best for my needs. Eventually, most of the flying will be pretty much in a 100m bubble and will be taking pictures and videos of cars and people (at a distance) at shows and other events.

So from your experience, these modules are not a waste of money then?


Prop Killer
no not for what you are doing. im busy with another quad . that will be my airiel platform and aimed at stills . im going to use my current quad for the acrobatic stuff . the modules work great with skew and clover with in 100m but with 5.8 it all comes down to antenna placement . it may also be worth your while to look at a 1.3 ghz system off ebay . the range is way better
I'll look into the 1.3g stuff, but I'm trying to keep things as small and light as possible because the tri is pretty heavy as it is with a 5000mah 3s and 1000mah 2s

I'm pretty sure i saw somewhere that 1.3g is a no no in the UK. I could be wrong though. Where as 5.8g is pretty free.

The antenna for the VTx will be up front with the camera on the tri because all the esc's are out on the arms by the motors.
I'm thinking of putting the VRx antenna at the top of a fibreglass pole, possibly about 10 foot up.
Does this sound ok, or do I need to completly re-design/re-build everything?


Prop Killer
ycopter uses 1.3ghz and he is in the uk .
the antenna placement is important . the reason david places his were it is so you don't get any shadow from the frame and other electronics . i am having issues with the shadow of my quad at the moment .
read an artical on the flitetest site that says 1.3 is illegal in uk check it out they recon 5.8 is all that open if you have a 2.4 radio