Help! 50% viggen


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Iboilt a 50% VIGGEN out of paper card stock and powered it with a 35mm ducted fan. My concern is that the thrust is 7.5oz but the lightest I can get the Viggen is 8.375oz. Will this plane fly or am I wasting my time?


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Does the 8.375 oz include battery, ESC, motor etc?

If so, you could be fine at 0.9/1 thrust to weight (although more power or less weight is always good) but a 50% viggen has a wing area of approx 80 sqin or a little over 0.5 sq ft. This would put your wing loading at 17 oz/sqft and your cubic wing loading at ~23, so you'll need to launch her hard and keep flying pretty fast.

Worth a try I would say.



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I agree with @DamoRC, the wing loading is high. It will fly a lot better if the wing loading were 12 instead of 17 oz/spft. You can make the wing larger or the plane lighter.