A "Let's Fly" video for R/C clubs?


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You guys do great videos! How about a generic come to our club field video? A 10-30 min video of all types of R/C flying, electric, nitro, gas..planes, copters and multi-rotor. Something that can be downloaded and played on DVD at non-RC events. As an example, we had a B-17 at local airport last month. Would have been a great opportunity to reach out to people interested in flight. All clubs are struggling for younger members. As for our club we have the man power, but not the resources.

Also, a generic flyer (insert club name and map) telling about the fun of R/C flight, engineering, and development... Plus the fact you can fly an R/C your first time out. (via buddy box)

I hope this makes sense to you and why it is important.

James Lenderman
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They are planning a "short" road trip later this year. (Details should be following soon.)

Unfortunately Texas is not part of this one.

That being said, we strongly encourage people to do their own "Let's Fly's" and please make an article or thread post about it. We've begun making sure to feature various types of threads and articles. This would be the perfect thing to take a little time and highlight on the podcasts, and the show.


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I was actually suggesting a video that any club could download and use as a way to promote the hobby,,, things flying and explaining that they (the general public) could do it also if they came to xzy field,