GIANT R/C Scratch Build Based on C-133


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This video is a year in the making - local Marymoor R/C Club members Bryan, Hailin, and Ian came up with the idea of making an extremely light for its size C-133 based aircraft after visiting Oshkosh in 2019. Soon thereafter, their newspaper build plans turned into a full on massive project, and almost a year to the day after starting it, she took to the skies for the first time.

Congratulations to all of you with an awesome build and incredible flying airplane. Build 'em light!

Stay tuned for a 45ish minute podcast style build log video from the builders.


Fuselage length: 16 feet
Wingspan: 15 feet
Power: 4x 70 sized electric motors running on 4x 6s 5000 batteries
Thrust: 45 pounds
All up weight: 45 pounds
Similar sized factory built ARF weight: 120 pounds (for comparison)
Flight time: 10-15 mins
Radio: Spektrum DX18QQ w/12 channel RX


Q: Why is the nose so long? A: It's based off of a C-133
Q: What's it made of? A: Balsa/fiberglass/foam board sheeting
Q: Why does the tail look unique? A: It's made from 3x 30cc sized Yak 54 wings