A new foldable quadcopter made from scratch..


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oh yeah sorry i did miss it. thx for explanations :)

euh No !! i'm not ready to pilot a quadcopter, i just try one time with the "Parrot" it was nice but i can't say that i'm a pilot because it was almost all automatik ..
but i really want to learn because my goal is to make aerial videos.. i begin now with a plane and it looks nice but with a plane, you can't stop..hahah to take a nice shot. wel i hoop i ll get it working one day


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I'm glad to hear that, it's always nice with a true believer in the hobby. The upside with a copter is that you can hover and take photos, but I viewed your youtube channel and it looks very nice.

Have a nice day



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thank you alot SirToby for your sweet comment :) i appriciate :)
i'll let you know when i get into copter s** :)

have a nice day to SirToby


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This is what happens if you mess with the throttle without disarming the flight controller.


I am quite stupid sometimes


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Here are the drawings i promised earlier in the thread... (all plans are A3-format)

This is the drawings for the booms (I used 12mm aspen tree)

This is the bottom plate (i used 3 mm lauan plywood)

This is the top plate (i used 3 mm lauan plywood)

If you print it on the "right" paper you should be able to just cut it out and put it on the wood you intend to use.

Hope you like it as much as i do.

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sirtoby666, a couple of questions if you don't mind...

How did you calibrate your Quattro ESC?

If you must, due to design have your HobbyWing Quattro near the control board how would you recommend shielding it or limiting the interference?

Thanks, still working on my H-Quad