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Alula in Foamboard


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I have noticed a number of forum posts in relation to the Alula and some posts showing them being built in FB BUT no one seems to have posted any plans of their endeavors! If anyone has any plans for the Alula in FB on this forum please advise.

One of my student pilots wants one and before I start the whole design and build process I was hoping to just build one from someone's existing plans. I do not mind if the plans did not work out properly for any reason! RC groups have a few but they also have their own design and performance issues.

I thank you for your time on this matter.

Have fun!


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I have liked this design for a while. Here is what I have started, it is a little rough. I have not built this revision yet, but this should give you a starting point. It will be nice to see what you come up with.
(Edit just noticed I forgot to change the color on the wings control surfaces to red lines.)


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@Hai-Lee - what size are you going to build? :D
Well, I am hoping to build one standard size with a target of making it as light as is possible! This is for a particular client who has severe health problems. Once the techniques are developed I may use the same techniques on a scratch design, (I still owe you a glider design:unsure:).

Have fun!


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@Hai-Lee - 1m would be nice (two sheets of FB)!

my sailplane is sitting half-built waiting on some tailfeathers - I have been enjoying some FG work lately, so I am contemplating a V tail with these techniques from the Ridge Rat project
Sorry for the delay in my response as I had the internet disconnected by some painters here and they stuffed it when they tried to reconnect it. It has only just been fixed so I will post my reply written just after the internet failed.

My Alula will be done in 3mm FB, (it can be scaled up to 5mm if needed. I.e.166%),

I am aiming for a proper reflexed wing profile with the wing tips curled up as in the original. Using the master series curving technique with a few ideas of my own to keep the build weight down. I also want as much air in the wing as I can engineer.

I posted so that others could show their work and perhaps provide an idea that would be applicable to my design/build, and perhaps trigger them to complete their builds as well.

Have fun!