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Any aircraft GoPro mount and lens cover to fix FPV Jello


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Guys and Gals I can not take credit for this. This design belongs to the members of the Delaware R/C Club. They have used it on their big corsair with folding wings. I see if I can link the video to it being used. The frame is the shipping mount for the gopro attached by a high density foam using double sided tape. The four hooks are for the rubber bands they use depending on plane size. They have even used duck tape but use blue painters tape as a buffer for the aircraft is not damaged from the ducktape. The lens cover is hand made. They used the film that is designed for stage lighting if im remember correct. Its glued to the ring by RTV inside and out. They claim it kills the Jello issue some people have.
Camera Lens

I'm having some trouble posting these as they are too big for the upload and the link wont work for the uploader.


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I dont get how a lens cover would do anything, to help or hinder jello. jello is just high frequency vibrating. it appears 'wobbly' because the camera sensor reads each frame from the top down, one line of pixels at a time. if sensors read from the middle out, it would be like ripples in a pond, and if they read all the pixels at the same time, it would just look like the vibrating that it is.

I understand the mount, but how does a lens filter affect jello?
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From the appearance of the lens cover, it looks like either a polarized or a neutral density filter. But I could be wrong...