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Anyone need Goggles

Jack Shaughnessy here in Spring, Texas. I have 4 pairs of Echine 5.8G FPV VR Goggles (EV800 model) Brand New in the Box. They have a built in Lipo battery, and can be worn as a goggle, or use as a screen on a tripod or such. I had ten sets but have given many away locally to kids wanting to get in the hobby.

They are not an expensive Goggle, but for the Money they are great starter Goggles.

You have got to love Flite Test as I do, and if you do and you need new goggles:
Send your name and Address to jcabs@swbell.net and put in the title "I love FliteTest"!

The first 4 emails I get with the correct title will get them shipped to them free of charge (as soon as the little bride can get around to doing that :black_eyed: )

Anyone local to the Houston Area can come by and pick a pair up.



Broke Highschooler
I would love to get some goggles. I have a quad and a 5.8 Gz camera and transmitter, but I don't have any goggles. If you couls send me a pair, that would be awesome!

Thank you so much!

I would love some goggles

Hey, I would love some goggles! I have a cheap fpv screen that I use and I am ready to make the switch to goggles, but being a high schooler I just don't have the funds to do so
I will need a set .... I need to find out what will fit my face of the big names before I drop big coin on them .... I've been looking at the Sky Zone V2 s ... The aumway Commanders ... And of course the skinny shark brand lol
Yes I would love to have have googles

I’m new to this drone racing and I dont have anything not even a drone saving money to buy the parts and getting a google will be great
Jack has incredibly generously offered to either ship me goggles to the UK ! OR drop ship me a new pair direct if that works out cheaper. This is amazing to me and it proves to the cynics and YouTube haters that Kwad Share is GO !
Jack is sending Goggles

Sorry for not thinking through this offer of goggles; seems it is too expensive to send out of the country, sorry for those that responded outside the US.

That said: Ethan, Weston, Tyson, and Jared....Goggles on the way. Enjoy and happy flying.

I hope you have as much fun as I have flying FPV:
New to this forum. This is a new hobby for me, been building for a year now and trying to get into racing. Thanks for being generous and keep up the good work.