AP Eazy Ducted Fan (50mm EDF Trainer)


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Thanks for the plans, AircPirateNinsei!
Almost finished building my AP Eazy. I hope she flies as good as she looks! This will be my first ducted fan plane, I'm excited to give it a try. I covered the exterior with colored packing tape and added a carbon rod spar. Everything feels so tight and crisp, with the right battery, this thing could scream.
I was a little confused about the order of operations building the wing. I concluded that fishing the servo wires through the wing and into the fuselage would be next to impossible with the wing installed. Also, the servo arm wouldn't be possible to install after the servo was in place. So, what I did was put the arm on the servo, glue the servos in place, tuck the y-harness up into the center hole of the wings, cut a notch in the fuselage to allow the servo arm to pass through. It worked, but I can't figure out how it was supposed to be done.

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