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Arduino RC Plane Flight!

Hey guys,

Check out this video of my most recent Arduino based scratch built RC airplane! Right now it is manually flown (with a scratch built Arduino transmitter), but I plan on developing autopilot modes and eventually make it fully autonomous - including takeoff and landing.

The main flight itself is relatively uneventful, but the takeoff and landing are quite interesting!


Ground Station:
- 2 analog Aurora RC Joysticks
- 4 2nd order analog butterworth filters (one for each analog input)
- A set of 3 high/low rate switches (elevator, aileron, and rudder)
- 3S Lipo
- Teensy 3.5
- XBee Pro S1

On Board Avionics:
- 5 HK4711MG high torque digital servos (2 aileron, 1 elevator, 1 rudder, 1 nosewheel)
- 1 UBLOX NEO-6m GPS receiver and active external antenna
- 1 LidarLite V3 altimeter
- 1 BNO055 IMU
- 1 PCA9685 servo driver
- 1 30A ESC
- 1 2200mAh 3S Lipo
- 1 10A BEC
- 1 1200KV brushless motor
- 1 XBee Pro S1
- 1 Arduino Mega 2560

- Body is 3D printed
- Wings are made from Dollar Store foam board (Readyboard)
- I did all the software, electronics design, and frame design myself (including the 3d modeling and printing)
I am with RMDC. I would love to know more about the ground station design and build. Do you have a build page by any chance?

It's quite an involved project. Right now there would be so much information, files, and plans to consolidate that I haven't found the energy to make a build page. I might do so in the future, though.

@RMDC, @Seahawk

Here it is below. It's a little janky, but it does the job. I think I went a little overboard by implementing 4 2nd order (active) butterworth analog filters for the joysticks, lol.

The wire struggle is real, friend, but jank is all in the performance. If it does what you intended it to do, that's all you need. :D
hmmm....this idea of going overboard. I am not quite sure that I understand what you mean :)
Well, usually for hobby projects, analog signals aren't filtered and even if they are they're usually only a simple single pole RC filter (just a resistor and capacitor). Butterworth filters are a lot more complex.

Hey Power_Broker, is there a chance I could look at the sketches you used for your project?
Yup, see the attached files. Are you planning on building an Arduino plane?

Note: Plane_IFC.ino is the onboard code and Plane_GS.ino is the ground station code.



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"To prove we can!" :p

What a great project! The next time you start one of these crazy projects, please do run a build thread as you go along so we can all learn from what you're doing.