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Aura 5 Lite and Gas / nitro engines


just getting into the hobby and have been looking at flight controllers for various planes.
I have an electric and a nitro powered plane and have ordered an Aura to see how things go.

So as per the title, can you use the Aura on IC powered planes or do the additional vibrations cause issues?

If so can this be overcome by mounting the Aura on isolating mounts as is done with drone flight controllers?

Thanks in advance.


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The gyros in it would probably not be terribly affected by vibration but you should always isolate components from vibration anyway as it can do things such as break solder joints and dislodge components from the PCB over time. Usually fuel tubing put in between the board and whatever it's mounted to or rubber servo insulators work perfectly for this.


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There is a guy on the RMRC FB group with a gas engine, on an Alatus foam race wing, and an Aura5. The Alatus is a notoriously hard wing to launch, and he is planning on using the autolaunch. So yeah, do with it what you want, but take caution to protect it from chemicals and excessive vibrations.
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Yeah that's my Alatus, and I haven't actually flown it yet. I don't see why it won't fly though; CG is good and it has enough power. I just need to either A: build a catapult for it, B: find someone brave enough to yeet the thing skyward, or C: put landing gear on it.

The Aura 5's launch assist is 100% why I put it on there at all. They're notoriously hard to launch and mine's a little bit underpowered. It needs all the help it can get.


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Also prolly a bit lighter. I had to put something like 230g of tungsten in the nose of mine to get CG. I'm confident itt'l have plenty of power once it's in the air but getting it to that state won't be easy. I'll figure it out though. Nice thing is I can revert mine to brushless if I so desire; I needed only open a couple of the motor mount holes to bolt that engine mount on. Also why the engine's so far back.

If I did another Alatus GP I'd probably hack the center section away, put in a new firewall, and get the prop to where STRIX intends it to be. That'd help greatly with CG amongst other things.