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Aura 5 lite and use with a 3 channel airplane??

I am trying to figure out the best way to configure the aura 5 lite to work in my scratch built simple cub. I built it as a 3 channel with throttle, rudder , and elevator. I am using a Spectrum DX6e transmitter and i have it successfully bound. Just can't quite figure out how to get both rudder and elevator controls both on the right stick and not sure if the 6 axis stabilization is working or not. Can someone please help?
I also have downloaded the software to my laptop for programming the board just in case I need to create a new profile.

Thanks in advance.
The problem with that is even with maximum throw adjusted on the radio it would not hit 12degree throw on the left input and was binding the servo on the right throw. I am also using the center hole on both servos and when plugged in as the instruction sheet shows for rudder and elevator positions the throws are perfect. I just would prefer both on the right stick on the radio and i need to get the axis switching to work.
Update....switched both servo points to outermost hole... re zeroed trims and sub trims in transmitter... everything is on right stick now. Only thing is I am still not seeing corrections when pitching up or down or any corrections to yaw or bank. Any suggestions?