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Aura 5 Lite Receiver Options


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I've been using the Aura 5 Lite for a little while now, and I really like it. Does a great job of smoothing out light gusts, and hand launching a so easy with launch assist. I have it paired with a Spektrum SPM4647 receiver.

I'm planning to get another, but it looks like that receiver is out of stock everywhere. Wondering if anyone could suggest a decent Spektrum compatible alternative receiver that would work with the Aura 5 Lite board.
I am trying to use the Orange R617XL receiver with an Aura 5 Lite FC. I am using a 3-pin cable between the RX and the B Mini Port of the FC, but the receiver never gets power, i.e. no flashing lights.

I have the Spektrum SPM4651T on order. Will that word?


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Which receiver do you have cPPM or the Sbus as this receiver comes either way, if it is cPPM it will not work with the Aura Light........from my understanding.
I have not seen the final answer on these questions, and I have similar questions.

First of all, my objective is to incorporate "hand launching assist" for my STRIX Stratosurfer.

I have intently watched Josh on his Youtube videos of the Aura 5 Lite, but he has not provided the detail I need.

I have bought the Aura 5 Lite and the SPM4651T receiver from RMRC. In addition, I have setup a test board containing a battery, ESC Motor, AURA 5 FC and the 4651T receiver. Using a DX9, how do I BIND to this testbed. I have done the new model setup as described in the video.

What exactly am I binging with --- the FC, the Receiver or both? Also ---- what Is the correct cable connection between the FC and the receiver? I have several cables. Which one?

I am somewhat new at this.