[BAN] Aeromaster Hydro-Plane


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Ok Ok, the name is a total rip-off of the original 1980's and 1990's BME Aeromaster. Now, the funny thing is, they never seemed to "name" any of their planes from what I can tell (google image search for BME Aeromaster....) and if you look at the box, there's nothing other than the Aeromaster name.

Anyway, I digress...

(Sorry, my photos don't seem to connect correctly....)

Who remembers these goofy critters????


I managed to pick one up off Ebay...all original including the 20 year old roll of hinge tape. Box had waterdamage, but parts where 95% intact. Wow the foam is brittle!

So....here's the goal - create something "FT" style for ya'll.

Project Goals:
* Use Existing FT parts so I don't have to redraw anywhing :)
* Semi-swappable. I usually don't build swappable so this may be a challenge
* use a cheap-o Amazon 30A ESC, and 2212x1000kv generic motor.
* Original uses 6 servos. I'm going to aim for 4 OOps - 4 servos only...
* DTFB, Tape, and Hot Glue (although, I may cheat and use clear GG or Shoe Goo, HG melts in the heat here in the summer!)

To start, here's some more pictures of the original.


Of course, with all the _____ in my workshop, garage or dining room table, of course I have DTFB and cardstock available, so, trace trace trace


So we have a template. Then in a Pink Floyd induced random thought....hmmm....these foam "hulls" really look like floats for the Valiant...

imagine that. I had said floats hanging on the wall, and Voila! They are almost EXACTLY the same wide and length.



This isn't no "let's piece something togethor from spare parts..... remember, we want to make this "FT" style.

So I haven't drawn it yet, but I'm thinking

* use the templates from the original for the control surfaces and "body"
* FT Simple cub floats anyone? Think I need to add 2 or 3 inches, but that's easy enough
* FT Mini-EZ for the "body" thing that holds the electronics and battery
* FT Explorer Power pod, but mounted forward instead of backwards.

Stay tuned.....