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How did things work out?

What plane is it your doing? I thought it looks like the P-47 tail and figured you mentioned something about building it, but it turns out it was someone else who said that they were building it.
I haven't tried it yet, I am still at work. It is the tail of the Mini Mamba I designed. hopefully tonight I can give it a go.


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Waterproofing FB Planes
Good instructional video. It never occurred to me to apply the poly finish after the airplane is assembled. (y) I'll have to try that someday.

I always coat the foam board sheets on both sides the day before I begin a build. Coat both sides so there's no warping. Minwax makes a wipe-on poly finish. I prefer the wipe-on poly because it is thinner than the brush-on poly. Since it is thin it goes on faster and gets absorbed faster. Since you use less of it there's weight saved too. Instead of using a brush or rag to apply the Minwax I pour a small amount right on the paper and spread it with a squeegee. A credit card makes a good squeegee. I can cover a whole sheet in less than half the time it takes to brush it on. Not a drop of Minwax gets wasted and there's no brush to clean or dispose of.