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Been flying micro quads for a while. Ready for an upgrade.....

Hey all.

So I'm decently experienced with multirotors. I've gone through at least 4-5 micro quads in the past year zipping them through my house, and I've logged a decent amount of time on simulators. I have a 250 size carbon fiber "racing" quad that I bought a few years ago, but I was too naive to realize that I was not experienced enough at that time to fly such a fast and (in my hands) dangerous quad. Honestly, I got out of the hobby for a while, especially because of the amount of time high school consumes. However, I visited Flite Fest south in November, and I guess you could say my obsession was rekindled. :p Anyways, I'm looking for a good beginner - intermediate quadcopter that I could use for chasing RC planes, freestyle, etc. I'm not opposed to building one, as long as I don't have to do too much soldering. I don't necessarily want a 80mph+ racing drone, but I would like one that I could do some fpv stuff with. For Christmas, I got a "toy" Wi-Fi FPV quad, so I'm getting my first bit of fpv experience there. However, I think that once I save up enough money, I'd be ready to get something bigger and better. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/comments :)


Wake up! Time to fly!
I am not sure what your finances are or what gear you already own so I will not make any recommendations just yet. I will however say that there is no rush to get in the air. This is where a lot of new pilots / builders get into trouble. They go the cheapest possible route on parts and that nine times out of ten gives them problems. I would say that while you are saving money look into various builds people have done or maybe guys like Stew at UAVFutures reviews of things to get an idea and real life testing before you get into the larger quads. Not only will it educate you further it will also more then likely save you tons of time and money trying to replace bad parts or wait for them on the row boat from China to deliver them.

You can if you would not mind post what radio gear you already own and use as well as a guess on how much you have saved or will be budgeting for this project. That way we have a base to start from to help you.
I already own a Dx5e transmitter and receiver from my planes. I also have the quanum diy fpv googles, but unfortunately my fpv camera/transmitter broke. In terms of budget, I was hoping to spend around $100-$250. Like I said, I'm not looking to have the fastest/fanciest/best thing in the air, just something I can chase planes in and maybe do some video stuff with. I looked into the Turnigy SK450, but it was a little bigger than what I had hoped for. Other than that however, it seemed to be just what I wanted. In what you said about rushing into things, I've been there and 100% agree that patience is key. I bought my first quad and plane in a rush, assuming I knew what I was doing, and paid the price (both literally and metaphorically).
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