Been that bored, so making BH XF VIPER F-16 EDF Named it Dead Pool



Now have all the parts to make the XF VIPER F-16 EDF, and did the graphics design for the skin.

1 x 70mm 12-Blade EDF Unit
1 x Aerostar 50A Electronic Speed Controller
1 x Turnigy 2226-3000 70mm EDF Outrunner
4 x Turnigy TGY-1551A Analog Micro Servo 24T 1.0kg
1 x OrangeRx R610V2 Lite DSM2 Compatible 6CH 2.4GHz Receiver
1 x Turnigy Graphene 2200mAh 4S 45C Lipo Pack
2 x Servo Extension Lead
1 x Servo Y Lead.
1 x Multirotor LED Brake Light Set, Green, White, Red

I made some changes to the VIPER F-16 plans for the build, by adding Ailerons, so i need 2 servos for and the other 2 servos are for the Elevator.
Edit-Photos-Of-Plans-F16-Wing-Plans.png Edit-Photos-Of-Plans-F16-Wing-Plans-2.png Edit-Photos-Of-Plans-F16-Body.png Edit-Photos-Of-Plans-F16-Fuse.png

The Multirotor LED Brake Light Set, Green, White, Red
Is been used for the after burner, and mixing it with the Throttle on to a channel I got to bypassed the Green so the Red and White LED's glow.

My goal is it to stand out when flying and been Red it seemed appropriate that Deadpool more likely the one that fly a F-16, and rather happy the way the skin worked out. and have add a 5mm bleed so the skin can cover the edges.
F-16-AU-A1-Skin-3-to-5mm-bleed-all-pges-1.png F-16-AU-A1-Skin-3-to-5mm-bleed-all-pges-2.png F-16-AU-A1-Skin-3-to-5mm-bleed-all-pges-3.png F-16-AU-A1-Skin-3-to-5mm-bleed-all-pges-4.png

Now to make it, plans are printed and next will be cutting the parts out from the Foam board.


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Started to build last night until I realized the ESC need to have power leads extended, so i just assembled what I can so this will let me dry fit the F-16 to see how its going to look and work out how long the power leads will be needed.

I'm happy the way it's coming together.

F-16-Deadpool-biuld-1.png F-16-Deadpool-biuld-2.png F-16-Deadpool-biuld-3.png

I been putting off this until I had a way to record the video of the maiden flight, as the Foxxer legend
I had died some time ago. Now ordered a Firefly Q6 to replace it im now able to record the video. I must say it's not a bad Video Camera for the price.


New Update on this build, now all the electronics installed ready for it skin to be put on. Getting ready for its maiden flight.



I'm not a Ryan Renolds fan but the plane turned out pretty sweet looking. Has it flown yet? Nice work on the gfx for the skin and pics too.

Not as yet, as i live in Brisbane Queensland Australia it owe wet season and summer. looking for a nice day to fly but it will be soon


Wake up! Time to fly!
Not as yet, as i live in Brisbane Queensland Australia it owe wet season and summer. looking for a nice day to fly but it will be soon

Rather have wet n warm vs blustery cold and snow everywhere like it is here atm... GIMME BACK MY SPRING !!!! :LOL::devilish: