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Beginner 3D Pilot. Tech one?

Hey I am starting 3D flying and am looking at the Tech One Tempo. It looks like a very solid plane and a decent 3D starter plane but i am just not sure. If anyone an any suggestions it would be much appreciated.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I would say that is a very good plane to learn on. Tech one has an identical plane to the hobbyking galaxy I have, probably came off the same line. I am extremely happy with my galaxy. It's a decent quality build. The Tempo looks like it's going to be heavier, requires a heavier battery, but it also looks a lot tougher and easier to repair. I would spend the money on it.

My next 3D indoor plane is going to be the blue TechOne Venus

My advice though, start with low rates and always use lots of expo. Keep it up two or three mistakes high until you get comfortable with all of it's capabilities.
I have a DX5e and I am not sure if I can change expos and rates on it. It has a rates switch but the manual only says it is either 70% (low) or 100% (high). Is it possible to reprogram this transmitter?

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
No, you won't be able to program that transmitter. If you like the spektrum products as I do, I would really suggest stepping up to at least a DX6i. It may seem like a large investment, but I've watched several people pile planes into the ground repeatedly because they can't control their models. Now before everyone jumps in, it is possible to fly them on a DX5. However, having tried it, and now using a DX8, I can personally vouch for the fact that it's much much easier and more fun to fly a model that's tuned correctly and has the proper programming. There's a reason the best pilots in the world use expo. They probably have the skills to do without it but they choose to use the features available.

I have an E-flite 4Site ultra micro. I tried flying it on my DX5e and it was horrible. I crashed a lot because the plane was so much faster than I was. My DX8 showed up shortly after and I flew that same plane successfully for a long time. I started pushing myself and after a while I ruined the airframe and it was scrapped. I recently got another UM 4Site and now that I'm a more accomplished pilot, I'm enjoying it even more. At the same time I'm flying mine, another guy has one that he's trying to fly on a DX5e. He crashes it constantly and he's afraid to try anything fun with it. He's a decent pilot but he refuses to see the light and buy a transmitter that's equal to the planes he has.

Long story short, I would't recommend it. Start shopping around for a deal on a used DX6i or better before you start really getting into 3D. You will reap the benefits and it will pay for itself in no time because you won't be crashing as much. Granted, if you're doing 3D you're going to crash anyway, but you will minimize by adding proper control to your plane.

Look up my video of my Hobbyking Galaxy maiden flight under the Hobbyking section if you'd like to see my flying for reference.


ARC=Almost Ready to Crash
Hey I am starting 3D flying and am looking at the Tech One Tempo. It looks like a very solid plane and a decent 3D starter plane but i am just not sure. If anyone an any suggestions it would be much appreciated.
Hi nfprime,
If i were you i would get a plane from ElectriFly one of their FlatOut planes because they are incredibly stable and ARF, all you need are a transmitter,receiver,battery and i would recommend the futaba S3108 servo's.
Any ESC and any receiver and transmitter,
it comes with a 5:1 motor which is plenty of power and then you need a(i recommend)3S 850mAh batteryhttp://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article_display.cfm?article_id=761
I can't find a transmitter but it should only cost around 25-35$not including all the useless fancy attachements