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Help! Best Spectrum 8 Channel ?

Hello All,
so what model of 8 channel radio will give the the most bang for my buck ? Ease of use as, well as functionality. Just getting back into RC planes, and so much has changed. ( I started in my teens, I'm 60 now ! ) Just purchased a Carbon Cub S+ RTF and want to be able to use the flaps and can't with the provided Transmitter.


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You could buy a Jumper T12 for $100 and have 16 channels plus any other protocol you like including DSMX Spektrum . There’s a slightly steeper learning curve for open TX but it does more out the box as it has a multi protocol module meaning you can fly almost any BNF model or any receiver you like and many RC toys as well!
A second hand DX8 or DX8e would be good value if you want to stay with Spektrum branded gear. Their stuff is good quality but expensive new. A local club might be a good source of second hand gear. There’s one for sale here if you are quick that’s a good price.
There’s a whole thread here about TX’s.


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I am becoming less and less of a fan of my DX8e - I seem to have a larger percentage of brownout issues with my radio than guys using DX8 and I can ONLY point to the single ended (DX8e) versus diversity (dual output) DX8.

I have a jumper. It's a pain in the ______


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I have a dx8 and it is amazing. I have had it for probably about a year now and it has never failed. It is easy to use and reliable, which is why I would highly recommend it. Some other transmitters like the jumper might have more channels or functions, but Spektrum brand transmitters are easy to use and Spektrum has great customer service. One time I broke a switch on the transmitter so I sent it to Spektrum and they fixed it, updated it, and sent it back free of charge. I just had to pay to ship it to them. If you want a Spektrum 8 channel transmitter, get a dx8.