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I am building a bicopter with a lux flight controller ( I challenge you to do one yourself, I don't see lots of documentation yet ). I stumbled to several problems, fixed them and continue the build. But somehow, I'm stuck with this particular problem. I connected the ESCs to the corresponding pads ( the PWM pads I think... I'm not sure, I'm new to FC...). I flashed the board to a betaflight configurator and it seems that the FC do not recognize the two ESCs. I tried to change the frequency and few bunch of stuffs I can't remember. I'm sure someone out there can help me. This is my first build with a flight controller and I'm struggling. Is it necessary to solder the ground wire of the ESC to the ground pin? What's the difference between a PPM and a SRX? Why when I put BICOPTER on the mixer and clicked the button SAVE AND REBOOT, the betaflight keeps returning it to CUSTOM AIRPLANE?


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Litterbug is our local madman for all things coptery.

He has done anything from singlecopters to octo copters.
Most of them run Dronin as he is helping test and develope it with much success.

There is also Vaaleon who is doing great things in this department including all engineering and coding.

Electricsean is another member who may be able to help. Not sure if he has branched off into bi copters yet though.


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Foamie Ninja is pretty much the master of bicopters so he could probably be of help, im gonna link him here.

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Thanks for the suggestions but I don't see how it would solve my problem... I'm going to try again today. Do you have more information on the flitetest bicopter? Especially their configuration on the FC?


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There isn't really a "flitetest" bicopter, but David Windestål who has been part of FliteTest does have a kit and there is a support forum over on his site @ . I have built a handful of bicopters myself, and have a thread here: .
Which LUX FC are you using? There are several varieties, V1,V2, F4, F4 nano, etc... The more information you can give us about all the pieces your are using the better. IE what ESCs, Motors, Servos, PDB, frame, etc...
The firmware that most of us are currently using on bicopters and tricopters is dRonin with a TriFlight, and Bictopter module added in.


PS: Pictures of your build would be cool too! :-D

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Thanks for the reply. Here is my FC, I thing it's the version 1 of the LUX, I think it's an F3 ( Don't mind the quality, I'm just a begginer):
Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 10.57.00 (1).png

I do know that F3 boards do not support bicopter configuration on betaflight, but David Windestål did it. The pad 1 and 2 are for the ESCs, and 3 aand 4 for the servos. I build my own frame. The ESCs are the cheap ones since its my first build with multiple ESCs, I don't want to invest much on it. Same goes for the motors. And... I lost the stickers on the servos, but I think it's a regular 9g servos. And again, the problem is that the FC do not recognize the ESCs, it stays like this:
Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 11.07.02 (1).png

The output 3 and 4 are for the servos. I copied the CLI from David's website for bicopter (sorry, it's in french). Even if I enabled the I UNDERSTAND THE RISK button and pull up the MASTER switch, other switches stays put.

I hope you can help me,

PS: I will try the dRonin software, it looks promising
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