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Flyer Of Many Things
Most of us have seen the 300 FT flyer, but what about this year. I have heard talk of big scale projects already in the planning, and that some are only ideas, so here I am trying to get a feel for what to do.

For those that already have an idea not listed, please specify and I will try to add it in or something.
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I was thinking about it (which is never good) and a giant slo-stick shouldn't be hard. Just take two 2x4s and screw them together into a cross. Glue blue core foam under the spar to create the flat part of the wings. Then cut out blue core airfoil ribs, space them 30" apart, and skin the top of the wings with DTFB. The ailerons would be tricky to create, so maybe build in some polyhedral into the wings and make it a 3-channel.


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A big project ;)

Go back and look at post #4 on the link I shared above for the "Build of the Day".

As it has evolved, for this year it's no longer one-per-day -- Resource issues, but maybe it will be better next year -- so it'll start sometime mid-morning Friday and run to completion. Keegan Sponholtz is leading up the build as build master, has an AWESOME plan.

It's so cool, that even after he'd started working on it, someone else on the forum suggested it as a cool build for FT to do . . . so I'd call that some agreement in the community.

The project will be . . .

A surprise ;)

Seriously, gotta leave some anticipation for the big day.

There is also a separate big group build in planning over here, not sure of their timetable or whether they'll get their plans in order by FTFF (there's even talk about changing airframes), but I hope they do.

. . . And who knows?!? There are bound to be other big projects people have yet to take the wraps off of, and when they do, they'll find themselves in good company. Big build projects aren't a competition against other people and teams. They're a competition against physics :D


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Gee, I wish I could make it to Flite Fest! Working with over-sized electric motors and enormous props has a very strong allure to me.


I see the "-Keegan Sponholz Build Tent Team Member" tag in the signature - Is that something that needs to be setup prior to FF or can we show up at the tent and cut some foam?


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Did you get your whittlin' chit in Boyscouts?!?


Well good thing it's not a boyscout camp ;)

Keegan is among the volunteers lending a hand to make the tent run smoothly and keep the chaos fun and friendly. you're welcome to come and enjoy the chaos, or even volunteer if you like. check out this article if you're interested:

Or just drop by and join in the fun :)