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Bills Law strikes again! Life of a Psyborg documented.


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You know my flying spider will be paying him a visit..... May try to get it in a combat or two again this year too:
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Reminds me of the little quad I first had - the Blade Glimpse. Neighbor thought for all she was worth that it was a flying spider, but that thing looks a LOT more convincing!!!

*shudder* (starts looking for a can of hairspray and a lighter to make a rudimentary flamethrower)
So, now that this has been hopefully resolved. When I got home Sunday, I found a bowl with ice water on the front porch. A fan blowing across the top of it into a dog crate. The occupant of the crate had been attacked and one leg was hanging by two tendons.

Can't leave my wife alone for that long without her finding an animal in need...

Hopefully the rehab it went to takes care of it and does not just put it down.
So I have to be honest, I might steal the idea!
I showed it to the wife and we both think this would be AWESOME waiting in the yard during Halloween... ready to spring to life and chase kids around the block!
Muha ha.. :ROFLMAO:
It was flying in the hood last beggars night... :-D Another guy that flys at our field did up a lighted ghost on his big tri, and I think @jhitesma does something similar as well.


Knower of useless information
So, to KIND of steer this back on topic a little bit...

Did Bill ever find out if his bite was from a spider? Did it get worse, or was it better during FFO?


Knower of useless information
.... Sorry... :cautious:

He was walking around just fine and I think he did say they confirmed it as a brown recluse bite.
So, better I'd say.
LOL no, I was just curious as to whether he was ok. I know I saw at least one pic of him, but the deafening silence had me a little worried, especially with the thought of a potential brown recluse bite. Those are spiders you DON'T mess around with. The bites can go necrotic REALLY quick...


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Yup, I think we (all the red shirts) are just wiped out...
I had a shorter trip home than he does, I'm sure he'll be back on after a short while.

He did say he broke out in a couple other places (I guess the venom can travel around the body) scary stuff!