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Bills Law strikes again! Life of a Psyborg documented.


Faster than a speeding faceplant!
I think it is all OT as we blow up Bill's thread for all the worry he put us through. :)

Dude's gonna login and be 4 pages back on his own thread. :devilish:

How 'bout this to tie it all back in to topic.

Bill ghosted us for two weeks due to a nasty spider bite that got him right before FFE and now he faces the virtual flamethrowers of his friends who think he should be sent Spider Man Underoos but who seriously don't want to contemplate that image.

And all of this is in accordance with "Bill's Law". :p


Wake up! Time to fly!
Hi guys. I am still alive and kicking. Yes the spider bite was confirmed a recluse by an LPN. The last of the symptoms with red splotches and swollen joints is working their way out.

I will catch you all up in a future wall of text. I just wanted to hop in and say thanx for all the love and apologize cor causing you to worry. When i realized internet was not going to happen i reachex out to Igoo57 to send a quick update.

MUCH drama and Bills law has continued since the 27th that is currently playing out. Expect a wall of text soon.

Again feelin the love guys. That helps alot right now.


Wake up! Time to fly!
So... I make it home. Grab the neighbors boyfriend to help unload and get my gear in my place. Left it all where it sat for two days. I finally recover enough to move around semi normally and decided since the maintainance guy freshly mowed the property that I would resume my normal walk around the grounds.

I get outside and the neighbors said there were raspberries needing picking behind our building. I do my normal walk and get back to where the berries are supposed to be.

If you have seen my Gremlin videos you see a row of pine trees I fly around. Normally I stay on our side of that line as it marks the property. That day I walked the backside bare footed as the grass was fresh cut and soft.

Evidently there is some poison ivy on that side that had been freshly cut. Ill give you one guess where this goes from here. Quick end to this episode is I know have the rash covering at least 50% of my lower body from the small of my back down to myankles where it started.

Lucky me had slept with a nice fuzzy throw blanket that night that insta spread it the entire lower half of me.

I haz pics if you need to torture your eyes for giggles n haha's.
truly happy to see you back online psyborg.
i'll share my encounters with bill's laws, it apparently travels, while you were gone. a couple months back you shared some screenies to help me get comfortable with flying acro. anyway, thing were going great flying multiple packs a day, getting more comfortable. about the time you went MIA i was zipping around the front yard using some bushes and a kinda low tree to make it interesting. i was making that last lap under the tree pulled up a little to quick, limb snagged the balance lead loose into the props. i'm not sure what the loose bare wires touched, but it zapped everything but the cam and the motors. that was my 5". just got it back in the air for a test flight today.
took almost 3 weeks to re buy the parts.
so in the mean time after that incident, waiting for parts, i was flying my 6" inav rig, getting the hang of flying it acro.
this is the one i had a thread about where the usb port broke off and i was all proud of myself for getting it soldered back on.
long story short, i broke the usb off again (hamb fisted), this time took the pads with it. that happened a week after the first incident .
i know none of that is as bad spider bites and poison ivy, wouldn't wish any of that on somebody
cheers dude, we're gonna have to put you in a bubble