Binding problems with the Mz-12


New member
My Mz-12 transmitter does not bind at all to the stock receiver it came with. The reason i know this is because the normal beeping it gives off to say its bound is not emitted. also the red light on the receiver does not turn off. upon startup the transmitter asks to bind, when i choose yes, it will take me to the binding menu where i have to press it again. from there all it does is blink and stop. ive made sure my battery is plugged in, and everything is hooked up, why will it not bind?

P.S. this problem may have sort-of emerged from the first and only flight it had. my plane had a slight crash, but i made sure everything was still intact. as soon as i found it, i turned it on and it binded correctly, but the motor would not spin when i move the throttle stick. Every now and then i will turn on the transmitter and the motor will full throttle, without me even touching anything but Bind. Now all this thing does is fail to bind. If there is a fix for this, please tell me, I've already missed flying for a whole summer!