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Bird of Time - FoamyDM Version


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Do You Want To Build a Bird of Time Too?

FT STYLE to the EASY way:
Build a Simple soarer, but change the outer wing shape and empennage to match the Bird of Time.

History: Last Summer at FFE 2018 I brought FT-Simple Soarer (SS) Plans to build one and enjoy at the festival. I was excited to use the FT-DTFB then I would have a SS I could fly in all weather. as I was starting I thought about how much I loved the Bird of Time (BOT) from the episode FT/Josh Bixler did long ago. I had just been staring at them and disappointed there were no Kits available. The Idea Struck me - just change the wing shape and Fuse a bit and make one of you own off the SS. So I did!
Build Method: Build a Simple soarer, but change the outer wing shape and empennage to match the Bird of Time. I curve the tail boom and tucked the servos where the 18" landscaping wire pushrods could reach. Lastly I build a Power pod shaped like a glider pod. pulled paper off the bottoms to curve it to the lower profile. - Success! I then Taped the wing and made it beautiful, then had every FT personality I ran into sign it. It was the one plane I have never managed to bust up beyond all recognition.
Top: Bottom:
IMG_20190213_232346991.jpg IMG_20190213_232454763.jpg
Experience Tip: Don't choose to colors have the same hue. As they recede into the sky they grey out to the same color. :oops:

It flies manageably. It has yet to fly like I want, but there are two things I love about it. It's beautiful shape, and the outside pod gives more room to place the battery and ESC.
SS-BOT Plans:

FoamyDM style Build
This "stupid" plane has been on my mind since... I searched and found nothing in the Scratch builders thread here where someone attempted a FT style or DTFB build. That's what this thread is really about. so Here I go.

Mission Statement: Using build techniques I have learned this past year I will attempt to build a DTFB replica that is as simple to build as any FT build. I want to build it with Windows through the surfaces. to save weight and the skin will be Dollar tree cellophane and wrapping paper.

Limitations: - Use accessible 6mm Carbon Arrow shafts for spar. the rest - Foam.
The original build is 1.16kg / 41 oz. RTF, according to the article. As the model will be close to 6 full sheets I suspect it will be close to the same.
I'm starting with the set of information located at outerzone.co.uk. if you want to build a balsa scratch build for stick you have... you can stop reading.

Original Specifications:

Project start - Plans: Every repeatable project starts with plans.
This is my current progress:
This is looking to be 6 1/2 sheets.
Almost a complete seven

More soon!


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Skill Collector
Cool project! And very good observation on the color tone visibility problem. I can confirm with personal experience that while it looks cool to have light and dark versions of the same color in the scheme, when it's up in the air it doesn't help orientation at all :(


Skill Collector
@ rockyboy - hence tan and brown? :LOL: (I tease)
Hue, tone, tomato, tomaaaato :p

One thing I can say for sure on color schemes is using solid black on the top of the wing in a pattern along with a transparent color doesn't help a darn bit. When viewed from the bottom the black still blocks the light! :eek: I learned that the hard way on my EVA Sport!


Building Fool-Flying Noob
If you want to alpha build you are welcome to join me. Last thing to work out is the spar details, then I'll pdf It.