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Bixler 2 and Turnigy 9X

Hi all, i'm a newbie to RC flying, i bought a bixler 2 and turnigy 9x and few other little bits, i got all the bits sorted but i think i done the flaps setup wrong please can anyone guide me? cheer Lee

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
What is wrong? are the flaps going against each other?
If so pull out on of the servos, and flip it upside down relative to how you had it, then reattach every thing.
Or, buy a servo reverser, there is one in the HKUSA warehouse, under Wires and Plugs!
Hope this helps, but some more detail would be great!
well i got 1 servo in ch6 and 1 in ch7 and have 2 mixes for each, so when i flick the 3 pos switch i can only get the 2 positions, if i use the y cable 1 servo will be reversed, if i swap the + and - cable going to it wud the revers it?

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
No, it would not.
you could y the ailerons and flaps on each wing left and right, with said y harness, then plug the left wing into ailerons, and right into flaps, and set up flaperons, but Why not just pull the opposite srvo out, and flip it upside down and glue it back in?
It is easy, cheap, and works fine.