turnigy 9x

  1. ZXZE

    Turnigy 9X

    the turnigy 9x could only communicate with the reciever within 10 feet only. What could actually be the cause? Pls help
  2. StevenWinnen25

    Help! HELP!!! Turnigy 9x Connection problems

    Hi, I’ve been trying to fly my ft sparrow and new ft mini mustang yesterday and today but I’m having trouble with the connection. I’m using the same receiver for each plane, I’m just swapping it between the two. The receiver is the 8ch one that comes with my Turnigy 9x. With the sparrow I would...
  3. H

    Turning 9x replacement switches

    I bought a Turnigy 9x transmitter as my first transmitter a while ago and recently dropped it. The fall broke two switches on the right front face of the controller one with three positions labeled n,1,2 the other with two positions 0 and 1. The broken switches cause my controller to have a...
  4. V

    Grrrrr this new miniquad stuff is driving me mad.

    Why can't they be as easy as cars?! Just kidding, after struggling with my new (first aerial vehicle) multirotor, it's not exactly been the smoothest process. I'm running a naze32 rev6 acro FC, 4 racerstar br2205 motors (2600kV), 4 racerstar 30A escs, the usual matek pdb and a turnigy 9x...
  5. O

    Turnigy 9x usb cable not recognized.

    Hey, I just bought a cable for my Turnigy 9x that is similar to https://goo.gl/JFuXfd but it isn't being recognized by my pc. I'm using DRL Simulator; could this be my problem? If so, what simulator can I use for quad racing that free? Any help is appreciated!!:D Thanks
  6. J

    Turnigy 9x TX Battery

    For sale is my turnigy tx lipo battery. Used only one charge. No issues I was gifted a new radio and don't need this anymore. Here is the link https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-2650mah-3s-1c-lipoly-tx-pack-futaba-jr.html I'm looking to get $10 or trades. looking for an 1806 or 2205 for the...
  7. B

    Noob with a Nighthawk 250

    I got a EMAX Nighthawk 250 kit for Christmas and a Turnigy 9x radio and receiver. I had read that the naze32 was better than the CC3D so I put a Naze 32Rev 6 on my quad. I should probably mention that this is my first miniquad build and I have zero flying experience. My problem is that I can't...
  8. F

    why upgrade Turnigy 9x module to frsky

    Good morning All, I am a new RC Pilot, I have a Turnigy 9x Radio , I would like to know if I should upgrade my 9x module to a frsky, please let me know what kind of benefits I will get doing so. also I would appreciate let me know what kind of module I should buy. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. J

    Turnigy 9X Module Upgrade

    Hello! I am looking to upgrade my Turnigy 9X's module and I am looking into my options. I am upgrading because the 600ft of distance is just a little bit "unreliable" for me and if I fly around a shed, some bleachers I want some more range to use as a buffer so I know my machine won't come...
  10. J

    turnigy 9x problems when using with naza v2

    Hay guys I tried to post this on the hobbyking forum but it wont let me post anything so I figured I would try here. I am having a problem that is so weird I cant understand what is happening. I plug the battery into my newly built quad copter and nothing works except the pitch on the gimbal...
  11. J

    New Naze 32 rev 6 setup. Newb

    I am just going to start by this is my first post on flitetest and I love it so much and thank you ahead of time. This is my first ever multi rotor build, first time ever soldiering and first ever computer controlled radio. I picked up the dragonfly kit and matched motor and esc is a naze32...
  12. N

    What are the specs on the Bix3 PNF?

    Hi there! Some may have seen my other post, and I have settled. I am getting a Bix3 PNF and a Turnigy 9X transmitter+reciever. The thing is, the specs for the Bix3 on the site do not specify something that I'd like to know. What is the default battery plug on the ESC? (If there is any. If...
  13. R

    Transmitter problems (Turnigy 9x)

    Hello, I just bought a new Turnigy 9x radio and I'm having some problems with it. This is my first computerized radio so I am very new to this. I have a bixler 1.0 and I am trying to set it up on acro mode but for some reason my motor is not spinning. It shows on the display option in the...
  14. K

    Remote control settings

    Hi, I have the Turing 9x and was going through the setting familiarizing myself with them. I've adjusted my EXP to something I think I might like more, and am enjoying tinkering around. However I discovered one of the knobs on my TX changes values on accident, and I have no idea what the...
  15. Snarls

    OrangeRX DIY Module for Turnigy 9X

    Unfortunately I've been waiting four weeks now (actually 4) for the OrangeRX dsm2/dsmx module to come back in stock at HK. I'll be ready to start my mini quad build in about a week, but I will be unable to do anything with it until I upgrade my Turnigy 9X to spektrum protocol. Looking at the...
  16. K

    Turnigy 9x Discovery

    I'm pretty new, and a lot of you may know this about the Turing 9x. I made a discovery while trying to figure out how to get into the setup to enable an auxiliary channel so I could control a servo on my hex to cary and drop cargo. If I press the up or down button on the main screen...
  17. hotbrass2005

    Turnigy 9x Throttle Response

    I've been following flitetest and the forums for years now, but have never posted. I recently 3d printed a tricopter and am having some issues with the Turnigy 9x I bought. I'm hoping you guys can help me figure this out. I've set up everything and my tricopter flies fine, but the throttle...
  18. Spooky II

    *Help* My controls are switched

    I have the turnigy 9x with kk 2.1.5 board and the rudder control on my spiderquad is swiched with the aileron control so the rudder does what the ailerons job and aileron does the rudders could the problem be that I wired my recever to the board wrong by only pluging in the signal wire only...
  19. E

    Turnigy 9x/OrangeRx DSMX/DSM2 module with Nano QX

    Hi guyz, I am a beginner at RC. Ive got myself a Turnigy 9x mode 2 v2 with stock firmware. I want to know if there is a way to customize controls to fly a Nano QX. I have the OrangeRX DSM2 module and i can bind with the Nano QX just fine. But i am not able to figure out how to set up the...
  20. M

    When to change batteries on turnigy 9x

    So my Turnigy 9x has a voltage display in the top left of the screen. Currently it says 10.1. I am using 8 AA batteries. How can I figure out when they need to be changed?