BJ- Simple Screamer


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Here is my next project!.... The BJ-Simple Screamer

I just took the plunge and ordered the PredatorV2 FPV kit, and thought it would be nice to design a bird that would work well for FPV flying.

I also wanted to try my hand at making plans using Sketchup to see what I could come up with, and here we are:


Wingspan: 55"
Length: 42 1/2"
Thrust angle: 7 deg.
DTFB: 3 1/2 sheets (maybe only 3)
Swappable: YES
PLANS: The plans will be posted as soon as I feel they are ready to be released.

(If you would like to build before so, feel free to PM me and I can send you what I have)

UPDATED: 2-11-15
Started working on the fuse last night:

UPDATED: 2-12-15
Finished up the rest of the body and the rudder/elevator.
BackView CR Rods.jpg
front view with stabs.jpg
bottom of tailfeathers.jpg
bottom of nose.jpg

UPDATED: 2-19-15
I've been pretty busy, but my FPV PredatorV2s just came in the mail, so I'm back at it!
Got started on the wings. I decided to do a polyhedral design instead.

UPDATED: 2-24-15
I've got everything finished up for the first beta build and took her out Sunday for the maiden... She flies great! It was also my first experience with flying FPV and I've gotta say.. It was awesome!.. I had a blast and am excited this bird flies so well. As of right now I don't have the ability to record from the ship, but will figure something out soon and post some video. Anyways here are some shots from after the maiden!

I did all my landing in dirt/gravel and the belly took it like a champ! The huge wingspan makes it fly forever and you can just float her right down on the ground.

I created an access hatch (with nylon hinges) for my FPV gear and battery placement.

The battery goes right up in the VERY front for proper CoG. (see velcro inside)

Here is a backpack style camera holder I made from 1/8 in ply, glued together and added support with extreme packing tape.
I also ordered some 90deg connecters for my cloverleafs, so they look a bit goofy for now.

So here are the PLANS:
View attachment BJ-Simple Screamer.pdf

Please keep in mind they are still in the "crude-beta type" stage. These plans do build well, but a few adjustments or trimming might need to be made here or there. I plan to build a few more to get 'em spot on, and will be updated the PDF as I go along.

The build technique is a bit different than a usual FT design as well. There is a lot less A-B type folding and more double bevels to make the shape.

I will be posting build instructions for Wings, Fuse, Tail, and Final Assembly- much like the instructions for my previous design the BJ-J3 Cub. -
but if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

UPDATE: 3-4-15

After flying this one around a bit I have decided to change a few things and rebuild!

New specs:
Wingspan: 44"
Length: 38 1/2"

ssV2reariso snap.PNG
SSV2Right Snap.PNG

I felt the wingspan was just way too big for not having the ability to remove it - so now it will have the same polyhedral design, but will only be 44" long.

I have had bad luck in the past with small stabilizers, which is why I initially made these huge to begin with. I have now dialed down the size for both the vertical and horizontal stabilizers and hopefully they will work out okay!

I have also shortened the length of the plane by 4", but only with the "tail boom" type area. The main body of the fuse will remain the same size as before.

Stay tuned for the build of V2! (starting tonight)

V2 Wings:

Here are a few pics of the finished V2 wing. I also collected a bunch of pics and measurments that will be included in the wing build tutorial.

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Neat looking plane, might rethink the name though?

I thought about something like "Screamin' Eagle" b/c it kind of looks like it has a beak, but didn't want to rip off the name of the motorcycle exhaust company.
With the large wingspan and kinda resembles a glider I thought the simple screamer was clever engough.


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Bandit bandit bandit,,, that one went over your head... I think he's talking about the "BJ" part. You knew you were gonna catch hell for it.


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ahhh.. haha you're right. I should have known! hahaha

My actual initials are TP.. I just can't catch a break!
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I was referring to both parts in conjunction. My own initials are BJ and I'm never comfortable using them. :)


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Look at the list of angry birds character names, pic name of what color you'll be painting your plane :p


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Updated added to first post.
Tonight I will start on the wings, which I am not too sure about. I am thinking I want to switch it to a polyhedral design for more stability.
I am going to build the wings I have designed for now and see how it goes.


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nice design. Could make a nice FPV plattform, would kind of look like an one-eyed/pirate bird if you put a cam above the beak :D
Subscribed! I would love to build one of these. I too ordered my Predator FPV goggles and will be 3d printing a camera mount for the front of this plane. Would you consider providing the sketchup file so I can start designing a camera mount? Also what size prop are you planning on using?

Thanks in advance Bandit


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Subscribed! I would love to build one of these. I too ordered my Predator FPV goggles and will be 3d printing a camera mount for the front of this plane. Would you consider providing the sketchup file so I can start designing a camera mount? Also what size prop are you planning on using?

Thanks in advance Bandit

Yeah, I would be happy to. I am covering a PM hospital shift untill 10:30pm tonight (no sketchup here), but can upload the design into the 3D warehouse as soon as I get home. If you search "BanditJacks" it will pop up. (there might be some patio furniture I was playing around with, but you will see it)

Can't wait to see what you think!

I have been working on a seperate article, but working on this as much as I can. I am re-building the wing tomorrow, and will have the first set of the plans posted on a PDF within a couple days.
Grabbed it. Thanks again. I'll be starting the design for the camera mount tonight after work. Just curious, why did you decide to use a polyhedral in place of a dihedral wing? Also what size motor and prop are you planning to use on this build?
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Bandit I forgot to ask you, what camera comes with your predator kit? Is it the black 600tvl camera or the gray camera with the SD slot? I will be designing the camera mount for the black camera.