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Blade 450 Tail Problems


Junior Member
My blade 450 was flying fine then the tail decided not to cooperate, the tail drifts pretty severely. Gain adjustments didn't work, belt tension is good. I replaced the gyro only to have the same problem, and I even tested it with a new servo but it does the same thing. I reset the model and then set everything up again, with no luck. Any ideas will be appreciated.


Rogue Drone Pilot
Did you check for play or binding in the linkages? The tail did not take any damage recently did it? You were flying normally and it suddenly had that problem?


Junior Member
There was a loose tail blade grip and it spun off. I replaced the tail grip, and everything seemed to be operating smoothly. Other than that there is no known damage.
Were all the little bearings replaced/reinstalled in the blade grip.... Are the dampeners ok... from inside to out, there should be a bearing, spacer, then another bearing, then a washer. Are the blade grips tightened too much? by drifts is it only to one side? or is back and forth....

If it is only to one side you need to "trim" your tail... DO NOT DO THIS ON THE REMOTE... you have to do this per the instruction on the flybarless... assuming it is flybarless.

If it is going back and forth either your gain is wrong or something in the linkage is to tight, that linkage should be as smooth as butter to move.

If it is a MEMS gyro make sure that you have it on the right setting... i.e. standard vs digital..

Also ensure that your tail is 90 degree to the main blades and not tilted, that will cause drift as well....