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Bomb Drop Challenge


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In this episode of Flite Test David Windestal takes on expert pilot Josh Bixler in a Bomb Drop Challenge! This isn't an ordinary challenge. This is a test to see who the best pilot will be in the end. Watch this episode to see who wins!



Brian fred carr

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Where is the guided bomb drop....my favorite challenge so far...i would love to see them take on my challenge
A simulated in flight refuel all fpv.....what do ya reckon....could they do it???


More combat please...
Bomb Drop Challenge, ME

This episode and a guy named dumb_thumbs on RC Groups inspired me to do my own bomb drop-
Cost less than $3.00. Here's some vid of one of the first drops. I have since bought some of the little nerf footballs and have had a blast dropping them on top of people at our local field! I'll have to make some flour filled easter eggs and give that a shot too :)



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Hey Guys

Well this is my second attempt at creating a bomb drop module for my super cub.

Its a compilation of take off's, bomb drops and landings. (watch to the end for a sweet greased in landing)

Hope you enjoy!



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
After seeing this episode, I had to add a servo for a bomb dropper. Too bad I don't have people people to fly with. :(
ikr!! It can get so boring when you´re flying on your own! I sometimes hate my little brother but that is still better to go fly with him then with nobody.

@cloaked: nice Video! I like the mechanism. Might add that to my Event, if I can put it on the plane without having to glue much.


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I am thinking about making a fly itself kinda plane which flies off my PC. If I do ever succeed (I am working with a bunch of ppl who made a wired underwater vehicle robot which is controlled by a PC joystick from teh PC). however, adding bombs to it which are auto instead of the plane would be easier...and more awesome!

Couple of those HK B-grade lipos and i'm gud to go!
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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
yes it is!

Most of the times you also need a recognition system to measure the exact position of the plane using either GPS or a camera system inside a room (mostly used for multicopters in university investigations and experiments though)