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Breaking Glass


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh break stuff! This is no ordinary challenge. This challenge is the for the fans! Watch as Josh and Josh play for people of the forum! Maybe you'll get a chance to be in a challenge, and win!



not crazy, just stupid
Lovely! too bad we didn't see the rock go true the glass! Congrats Colorex! you needed that gift card the most of us!

Ps. I am subbed but this ep. didn't show up in my sub box... its quite annoying.. i just stumbled upon it by accident... Any idea how to avoid this in the future?
Love the show!
Congratulations Colorex ! You deserved it bro :)

Really nice episode, I enjoyed it a lot :) lol "the bermuda triangle of jurisdiction" :)
Too bad the first plane didn't make it


Got Lobstah?
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Where the heck is Colrex? This is a big day for him!
Just what I was thinking. He's always on and now after this...

Congratulations André! ¡Que te compras algo ya, colega! I'm sure I'm one of many looking forward to what you choose and when you receive it and all. Keep us posted.


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Very nice video. Your video's dont like to show up in my sub box either, but I do love your show. Cant wait until you guys start doing 2 episodes a week again! Oh, and congrats, Colrex!