broken props


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The cheaper props break all the time. I use these cheap props on amazon where I get like 10 for $10 or something. They are ridiculously cheap but break if you look at them wrong. The APC props are more expensive but they actually stay together. Ive also heard of people gluing their APC props back together. Probably not the safest since it could throw shrapnel at you and your family, but I would be lying if i said im not going to try it next time i break an APC and can find all the pieces.


The best launch in the world will not help at all if you don't have the correct center of gravity and control surfaces moving in the correct directions. Take the time to check these while you are waiting for better weather.


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so, i have no experience flying what so ever, so i bought a tiny trainer with all of the proper electronics thinking that it would be a good trainer, but i have only gotten about 3 minuets of flight time over 5 attempts to fly, and about 4 weeks, because every time i try to fly i end up breaking a prop after about 15 seconds, and then having to order more. is there a good pusher airframe that would work with powerpack A ? Or should i get a folding prop ?

We had the exact same experience when we started flying. Each "landing" was a broken prop. Two ideas:

1. Buy lots of props, start with the cheap ones (HQ) from FT. They are crap, but breaking a prop is better than tearing out / smashing the power pod.

2. Practice with a simulator, and really focus on flaring on final approach. Without landing gear, the TT is almost guaranteed to break props on hard surfaces and fast / steep landings.