Build Suggestions For FPV Fixed Wing


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I have a bunch of parts left over from my foray into racing drones and I'm thinking I'd like to try and build a small, but agile fixed wing that I can also fly FPV with I was thinking something kinda like the Versa Wing (edit: which I am now realizing may be too large for the motors I have). Here's what I have:

  • 5 DYS 1806 brushless motors
  • 1 12A ESC with/BEC and flashed with BL-Heli
  • Loads of props that fit those motors (5030, 5040, and 5045 bullnose, even some tri blades)
  • Hobby King NanoWii flight controller I accidentally purchased (I know there's an airplane mode, but I'm not sure about fixed wing)
  • Turnigy 9x radio with both the original module and a FrSky DJT module so I can use either receiver
  • Fly Sky 6ch receiver
  • Turnigy 9x 8ch receiver that came with the radio
  • 3 1300mAh 3S batteries with XT60 connectors I currently use with my existing aircraft
  • Fatshark transmitter and camera and all the cabling/antennas to go with them

I'm sure there's more, but that should be enough for my purposes here.

I've been flying my quad all summer and I love it, but I recently added some FPV gear to my RMRC Surfer and I've been having a blast flying that. This has sparked my interest in a plane with a little more agility and speed. I'd like to be able to re-use as many of the parts listed above as possible. I see the Versa Wing speed build kit and it looks pretty sweet, but I really want to be sure that my motor(s) would be the right size.

I'm also interested in getting some use out of that flight controller. I could buy another FrSky D4R-II and try CPPM with it (or stick with straight PWM from whatever receiver I want) as the BEC from the speed controller should be able to power the whole rig, right? I'm willing to look into another flight controller if need be, but this one is just sitting on my bench doing nothing. I know it's possible to do this without a flight controller but I was thinking I might get some smoother flight out of a smaller frame that way. Maybe I'm wrong?

The only other thing is that, of course, I'd like to try and keep the costs down. I'm sure whatever I end up building will be cheaper than another quad (man those things can eat up cash) but I want to keep on the wife's good side :) Thanks!
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