1. B

    FT Versa Wingspan - Questions

    Hi, I hope your safe! 1- Is the FT Versa Wingspan 38 inch per wing or the total for both wings? 2- How do I join all the Tiled scratch plans into one, I am having issues? Does anyone have any photos of the entire A4 papers attached? Thanks!
  2. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Prandtl Flying Wing

    I learned recently from @FoamyDM about a NASA test project called PRANDTL-D. He built his own version of the prototype and posted plans here: This morning I began building my own wing from @FoamyDM 's...
  3. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Triplane Flying Wing (Super Secret Skunk Works Project)

    If I'm being totally honest I don't know why I built what I did, but I can certainly say why I've never seen it done before. That's because there is literally no practical reason whatsoever to build this. The best reason I can give for why I built it is that nobody told me not to, and if...
  4. S

    First tree incident

    So was out flying in some strong winds today with the versa wing. Was all good until I decided to dive the trees and didn't pull up in time haha. I think it was a combination of wind gust and not seeing the very top of the tree on my tiny 5" screen. Hence climbing the tree to recover it. Videos...
  5. RCrazy

    Nitro Versa!

    Check out XJets latest post. They stuck about a 60 size nitro engine on a Versa, and it flew with out ripping wings off!
  6. D

    would versa wing fly with this engine?

    Hello guys, im new and just want to know if versa wing would fly with this motor. DYS BX1306 2300kv. Thanks
  7. D

    versa tractor setup for the uk

    Hi people I've built the versa in tractor format as I haven't flown for a few years so want to use it to get use to the sticks again. I've flown it once it had lots of speed but not a lot of power to cope with the UK wind got a 30amp esc and 2200ma 3s battery, it has an all up weight Inc...
  8. S

    FT Versa Battery position options.

    Hi, currently building the FT Versa (tractor with the swoppable powerpod). Started thinking about different options using the powerpod A) Has anyone ever tried a powerpod where the motor / prop is mounted at the back, so pusher with powerpod rather than pusher with the FT firewall. B) I'm not...
  9. I

    Stubborn Ft Versa

    Hey guys. I'm new to the hobby, and made an ft versa from 5mm foam board. 40a turnigy 1450kv brushless outrunner, pusher configuration, 30a (I'm so sorry, but due to budget this was needed, and I never go above 3/4 throttle for more than 3 seconds) ESC, and a 2800mah 3s. I have 9x7.5 and 9x4...
  10. X

    New to Flite Test, Need help on the Versa Wing loops and other aerobatics

    Hey everyone, My name is Axel and I just started again in the hobby. I flew for maybe 5 years when I was youger all kind of planes ( Foamy high wing trainers, Depron miniplanes, Big motoglider) and a bit of helicopter. That was just when the brushless motors started to become popular in my...
  11. P

    Hello...your advice is much appreciated

    Hello from New Zealand I'm a complete noob in regards to r/c flight and builds. I have just brought a spektrum dx6 and phoenix 5 flight sim to get some stress free practice in. I am looking at building a ft versa and maybe a ft tiny trainer, however I'm finding the foam board hard to find. I...
  12. J

    power setup for my Versa blunt

    Hi! I'm Jack, Long term areal videographer at JJDrones ( I have recently purchased a VersaWing Blunt nose, I have covered it in duct tape (Mad it super heavy) and it's dead weight (frame +servos's only) is 800G Aprox. I am looking for a motor and esc that are capable...
  13. HilldaFlyer

    VTOL - Tricopter Blunt Versa Mashup

    VTOL with Tricopter and Blunt Nose Versa The plans for the two were overlaid. The tilt mechanism on the front motors would be a real complicated deal with the "Y" configuration... So, I changed it to a "T" copter and lengthened the rear boom to accommodate the positioning changes. In the...
  14. Raptortech

    Optimizing flying wing design

    My question is fairly simple: how does one decide on the ideal dimensions and ratios for a flying wing given the target cruising speed and payload or other relevant flight characteristics. For a more conventional aircraft, I feel like I have a fairly good intuition as far as changing the wing...
  15. M

    Build Suggestions For FPV Fixed Wing

    I have a bunch of parts left over from my foray into racing drones and I'm thinking I'd like to try and build a small, but agile fixed wing that I can also fly FPV with I was thinking something kinda like the Versa Wing (edit: which I am now realizing may be too large for the motors I have)...
  16. E

    Help! Bad Servo?

    My servos on my versa are really sloppy. They were never perfect, but one of them has gotten really bad with the other seemingly not far behind. I noticed a lot of oscillation in flight today, so I grounded it quickly and noticed how far I could move the control surface. They are the...
  17. BurningArmada

    My KF Airfoil Sport Glider

    After building multiple Versa wings, I figured I would try my hand at designing my own wing design. I decided to go with a Kline–Fogleman stepped airfoil for the simplicity and glide characteristics. In an effort to balance the air frame without adding any extra weights to the nose, I...
  18. Snarls

    FPV Blunt Nose Versa - My Return to Planes

    Yesterday I was flying at the field and after filming I decided to use my 2200mAh packs for some leisurely cruising because lately my miniquad has been stressing me out. It was really relaxing and for some time I forgot that I was sitting next to my car, rather than floating around in the field...
  19. R

    Blunt Nose Versa With Stryker Electronics?

    Hi guys I recently ordered my first FT kit. A Versa with the Blunt Nose conversion. My question is can I use my motor and ESC from my F-27Q Stryker? For those unfamiliar with the Stryker the motor is a 480 size 2200 kv and the esc is a E-flite 60 amp Pro Series. I ran 3s 2200mah and 4s 2200mah...
  20. E

    Redesigning the Blunt nose Versa to fit my Turnigy 3s 2200mah batteries

    The plans : !!!! *note the black line at the front hatch. This should be a red score line 6/17/2015 The maiden went beautifully yesterday! I may need to adjust the CG marks or remove some weight. I trimmed a lot of elevator into it to keep the nose up. I slid the battery to the rear a...