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Bumblebee (Glider)


I am this camp where we were supposed to make gliders.
This is how it turned out:


The plane used pink foam and tape.
Real maiden is today with a tow hook. Hopefully everything goes well.

We did some test chucks of the glider and it flies pretty smooth. :)
Glide ratio is pretty decent, maybe 10:1


Old age member
Wish i could be with you and have fun ;-)
Will you tow with a plane or catapult?
Where do you have the tow hook located?
Be careful not to break the wing if the hook is close to the cog.
We were using high start.
The tow hook was located about midway at the nose.
I will post a picture soon and maybe a video of the flights in a few days (I need to create a youtube account)

And we definitely had some fun! We had a little lawn darts, but all planes excapt one survived. The one that did not survive got stuck into a tree.