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C-160 build


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Dunno how you are gonna see that plane when it's the same color as the UK sky.. :)

Any plans for a Union Jack or even just a flash of color on one wing to make it easier to tell left from right?

Beautiful build, @CarolineTyler. I am eager to see this one fly.


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This Sunday was a perfect day for flying the C-160 Cargotrans and this time....I actually set the hat cam correctly to get some video.
It's the third section if the video below (at position 11:10) after a couple of quadcopter flights where I had a go at chasing a Bloody Wonder.
Still thinking the plane is a tad tail heavy looking at its flying position. I may add a little more weight to the nose to see if that helps.
I'm not sure where you're putting the battery?
This is the view with the wings off, I took off the wheel section and there's less room down there. I might be able to fit a 1400 in here but that's about it.
Any tips?

L Edge

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I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow. I needed to do just a little carving and a 2200mAh 3S fitted nice and snugly
What size props are you using? My transport has 10x3/8 and time wise I get about 6-7 min, change to a 3300 3s and now I get about 10 min where I do not run wide open. I usually do touch and goes around the field. Lot's of drag with the large fuse.