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Can anyone find those 10$ Walmart Gliders these days?

I found my hawkeye replacement!!!

This thing is sweet! 0530192204.jpg

It does come with a little Chinese ingenuity...


But, over all, its a 150% hawkeye at 34" it will make an awesome Fpv project... I'm ordering more asap!



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With a bit of care the Lidl glider most certainly does RC .
Not a quick conversion, the trailing edges are extended to give a 'proper' aerofoil section.
Bank and yank (no rudder) and at Just 50 g heavier than the basic chuck glider no reinforcement is necessary. With 18% more wing area it is a docile flyer and It thermals nicely too!


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... at Just 50 g heavier than the basic chuck glider...
Looks very clean! Nice!

Do you recall what it weighed to start?

Ive made no real attempt at keeping this one light (twin motor, 4 channel, and fpv camera) and I'm at 235-265 depending on battery selection. Only reinforcement ive done is "surface spars" with strips of packing tape. Ive had good luck with this method, adds a lot of rigidity for very little weight...