Can I use a turnigy 9X reciever with a Frysky module?


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Hi everyone,

So i just made my first rc purchase, I'm waiting for a big box from hobbyking with all the bits and pieces to scratch build the Flitetest H quad (I know this is probably jumping in the deep end but sure live and learn).

My question is will the turnigy 9X receiver work with the FrSky - DJT Telemetry module (JR Type) ? I've ordered the 9X from hobby king without the module so I ordered the FrySky module from and a while ago for no apparent reason I order the turnigy 9x 2.4ghx reciever on ebay. I know I won't get telemetry from the turnigy receiver but will it work for control?


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Well, I'm pretty sure that the Turnigy 9x Reciever (Rx) won't work with the module you're referring to, but if I'm not mistaken, that transmitter module (Tx) comes WITH its own receiver (Rx).

So the question is probably, can your Turnigy 9x Radio work with the JR FrSky module? I don't know that either.
I DO have the turnigy 9xR radio (pricier) with that module and receiver, and it does work fine!


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Thanks guys, I ordered the matching FrySky receiver (which took about 54 hours from ordering to arriving at my door Ohio to Ireland in 54 hours for 28 dollars delivery I was very impressed). The rest of the stuff was ordered from HobbyKings UK warehouse and hasn't arrived yet


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You will need to make one minor modification to the radio to get a FrSky module to fit. There is some sort of tall guard around the pins for the module that needs to be cut back before it will fit. Once you do that, just pop the FrSky module in, bind it to the FrSky receiver (don't get T series receivers though) and you are good to go.


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The Flysky protocol (turnigy) is based on FHSS coding, where as the FrSky protocol uses their own ACCST coding, making the 2 incompatible in that kind of mix. You would have to use FrSky receivers with the module