Cannot bind Taranis X lite to tinyhawk rtf! Please Help


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Hello, I am having issues binding my tinyhawk to my frsky taranis X lite.

The tinyhawk was an RTF bundle and came with a toy type, not so bad controller, so i upgraded.

I am holding down the button on the back while powering up, both green and blue lights turn on, on my transmitter i made a new model, went all the way down to bind, I select it, it beeps and beeps, but never seems to bind. I have tried in D8 mode and D16 mode (and im not sure of what the difference means)

I am stuck at this step, I can plug the tinyhawk into betaflight, and see everything move correctly with the included transmitter.

do i need to update anything? is there another way to bind? I feel lost

I have heard of project mockingbird and how it makes it fly better, and I feel overwhelmed even at the first step binding to my new transmitter. all the youtube videos seem for it just to work and bind.

Should I return the RTF kit? i was just going to keep it for the goggles and not go through the hassle of returning it, but would I have better luck with the BNF version, I thought it wouldnt be an issue to upgrade

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did you buy a compatible receiver with your transmitter?
I believe your new transmitter has a proprietary protocol and will only work with the appropriate frsky receivers, there maybe a module available that allows to connect to other receivers as with my frsky taranis but I dont know anything about your transmitter other than I think runs on the new " ACCESS protocol" and works with nothing else not even older frsky will need to check into this with frsky


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no i did not buy a reciever, i thought because the tinyhawk ran on frsky protocol, i would be able to connect a frsky transmitter..


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Simple thing to do is buy a 4 in one module and add that to the new FRsky radio that uses access. That way the module takes over for the old FRsky as well as all other protocols and you can fly everything.