Solved Can't order on the store


Hi, I've been trying to order a couple of A Twin power packs over the last couple of days but keep getting error messages. I had another person try and order on my behalf and no luck. There is money in my account and I've contacted the store but no response. I live in New Zealand but that shouldn't be a worry.
Anyone else having drama?


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here is where to contact the store support:

This might be why, depending on the shipping method you picked:

shipping to NZ from the US via the USPS has been susppended. Not sure if other carriers are shipping there right now or not.

Hi Jason,
thanks for your help. I guess that makes sense now. Shame that the error message couldn't tell me that.
I had based my recent Hobby king order around these power packs so I may look at the model numbers and just order them from Australia or Hong Kong.



I ordered through AMain Hobbies instead. Same packs, different ordering system and they said they can deliver. Not sure how they are different. I do like the look of the kits from FT so next year, when things have settled, I shall order my B and/or C power packs directly from FT. I need to cut my teeth first.