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Caudron C.460

Been wanting to build one of these for quite a long time, so I figured what the heck. I havent done a stick and tissue type build like this in a really long time, and have forgotten most of what I did know (which wasnt much to begin with), so this should prove interesting, or at least amusing, as I dont really know what I'm doing...but I'm good at faking it! lol

Working off a 3-view drawing I found online, that I reworked in CorelDraw...my plans rarely come out complete, and always end up adding things here and there as I go. Trying to take my time with it, as I tend to rush things, but my plan is to sheet the exterior with strips of 1/32" balsa rather than tissue, then stain and clear coat it, in hopes that it'll look like something Chris Craft boats may have built. No idea if that'll work out! Will have an 18" span.

Anyway, havent gotten a lot done as of yet, only half the fuselage, but the wings should go quicker. Havent really decided on electronics yet either, the little kid in me wants to make it fast, but the adult in me wants it to fly somewhat scale. So with that in mind, I've added a few extra bits here and there to the fuselage to help keep it stiff, just in case it ends up with a 3S lipo in its belly.



She's a sleek one


Skill Collector
This is going to be AWESOME! :applause:

From a flying perspective (I learned this from a forum member who built one following very close to scale a few years back and confirmed his findings) the tail surfaces need to be a bit larger as she gets smaller - otherwise it was very erratic in flight. I went about 20% increase on my foam board design, and it worked well at the 33" and 34" wingspan sizes.

Also might consider doing slightly larger than scale wings too - these stubby wings don't have a lot of lift when it gets scaled down. Even with a little increase on the surfaces, it still keeps that sleek racer look :)
Thanks! And I sure hope so...if it looks even somewhat close to what it does in my mind, should be a neat little thing.

Yeah I may increase the vertical stabilizer/rudder area, does look a bit small, horizontal stab/elevator should be ok, but I may increase it just for the sake of it. I measured out the wing area, should have around 45 square inches...I've always aimed for a 1 gram/1 square inch ratio for backyard flyers, and if I keep it to 2S, I should be able to hit that, but I'm not sure how much weight the wood strip covering will add. May just increase the wingtip size a bit, tip stall crashes are rough on balsa wings!