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Cessna 182 P707 Free to Test


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Well, there may not be a free lunch, but apparently there are free planes!!

So this just arrived... First impression... A LOT better than I expected. :LOL:

The plane actually look really well done (batteries are charging now and it's crazy windy here, maybe we will try a maiden tomorrow.)
The controller "transmitter" is okay, about what you might expect for $50-60 WITH an airplane.
Came with two batteries as well so that's nice.

It does indeed seem to be EPP foam, should survive even my big old thumbs!

Aannddd... back to the controller.
Can't seem to power it on?....

"Well there's your problem".... Okay a quick solder job and we are up and running.
Flight report when the weather improves.

Not a lot of control throw... Oh, there's a button for that... (Duh...)

Okay looking forward to trying this out now!
Thanks @park10toys for the opportunity to try this out!

I'll report back with a flight report.