Cessna 182 P707 Free to Test


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Well, there may not be a free lunch, but apparently there are free planes!!

So this just arrived... First impression... A LOT better than I expected. :LOL:

The plane actually look really well done (batteries are charging now and it's crazy windy here, maybe we will try a maiden tomorrow.)
The controller "transmitter" is okay, about what you might expect for $50-60 WITH an airplane.
Came with two batteries as well so that's nice.

It does indeed seem to be EPP foam, should survive even my big old thumbs!

Aannddd... back to the controller.
Can't seem to power it on?....

"Well there's your problem".... Okay a quick solder job and we are up and running.
Flight report when the weather improves.

Not a lot of control throw... Oh, there's a button for that... (Duh...)

Okay looking forward to trying this out now!
Thanks @park10toys for the opportunity to try this out!

I'll report back with a flight report.


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I got mine to test and luckily I had a perfectly calm day. Mine was a bit tail heavy but I flew it anyway. Had a hard right in to the ground a few times until I got it trimmed. Very durable!! The controls seemed a bit lax but I've set a small washer on the nose for better cg and moved the control horns in for better throw. It flew at just under half throttle and could boogie on at full throttle. My first battery gave me almost 15 minutes of play. It's definitely a CALM wind or indoor plane so I brought it down when the wind came up to 5-6mph. It would make some headway but it could have blown away on a strong gust. All in all it was durable, long flight times, and a great little cruiser to have fun with. I personally had a blast with this one. Thank you for letting me test this for you. I'll be flying this little bird for a long time!!


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Had a freak good day to fly and took advantage of it!
(I've been frantically working on several builds as the rest of the week doesn't look too bad and I'm home for a change!)

Anyway, here's the raw (unedited video.) Only flew for a few minutes then a medivac helo decided to fly by (we live two blocks from the hospital.)

I second pretty much everything @FastCrash45 said!

I did have some early trouble with the controller, but the plane is solid I think.
If anyone wants to pass it along to me I don't have anything and really am trying hard to get back into the hobby. If you have anything at all extra please let me know.