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I also think that allot of articles are junk allot of uncuts without music or any editing at all. Because of this I think that allot of people didn't saw the simonk vs turnigy plush ESC comparison from dhdsracer.... Sometimes I see good articles with low ratings and I just think that people are giving them 1 stars on purpose :mad:. Also I would like to see more constructive critisim, sometimes I see articles with bad ratings because it's not that good. But when I look in the comment section nobody says anything about how he/she could improve his/her future articles....
I would agree that a great many articles are no more than aforementioned "fly over ....." and " hey look mom no hands" in their content and presentation, guilty of it myself at times :confused:. With the understanding that things will change once again later this month with the overhaul I would like to applaud Chad and the Flitetest/Stonekap team for what they have created thus far...flaws and all. The article rating system and author influence concepts are both creative solutions that won't be found elsewhere in other more conventional rc related forums. My observations of the greater rc community online is this, biased as it may be....there seems to be a sharp divide between the consumers of knowledge/understanding and consumers of product/tech. This divide has only grown wider as the rc market has grown exponentially over the last 10+ years or so with the advent of fpv, multicopters, foamies and brushless motors. It could be argued that the overall maturity level of the rc community has dropped some with this influx of new enthusiasts and ever improving technology.....we aren't talking balsa and nitros anymore guys. Its this diluted maturity/experience level coupled with the "hey look at me" society we now live in that I believe leads to all these poorly conceived and low content articles and posts we now see pervading not only this forum but all the others. I will admit it is laughable/scary every time I see a post by someone totally new to the hobby, money burning a whole in their pocket, who has zero stick time seeking not understanding but basically a shopping list so that they too can go out and fly 5+miles fpv on their maiden flight just like their buddies.....a consumer of product/tech without a single concern of how or why it works. Chad and his team are making an effort both here and by means of their online videos to bridge that gap between those in the know and those who wish to be...a gap I might add that has only grown wider with time in other forums. ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE, ELEVATE a fine modus operandi for all of us to follow....to Chad and the team, I will wait anxiously for this forum overhaul fully expecting it to be great given your novel approaches and commitment to quality thus far.